klayout OASIS output for text properties

Hi Matthias,

It's me again~ XD

I'm trying to insert a rotated(R90) text as following ruby code,
however the OASIS output is not what I predicted.

layout = RBA::Layout.new

L3 = layout.layer(3,0)

trans = RBA::Trans.new(RBA::Trans::R90, 500, 500)
text = RBA::Text.new("text", trans)


The test2.gds shows correct text rotation(R90),
and test2.oas shows incorrect text rotation(R0)

I also tried to use GUI of klayout 0.27.12 to insert
a rotated(R90) text and confirmed the text in layout window
is rotated(R90), however once I saved it as an OASIS file
and re-open it, the text becomes R0 again.

Did I miss anything about this issue? O_Oa?



  • The oasis spec deliberately removed all text magnification, rotation, positioning and font selection that was possible in gds.

    For physical verification the text string and it's coordinates is all that's needed.
    There are various gds viewers that completely ignore text format information anyways and decide on how to display text depending on level of detail and at what zoom factor the layout is displayed.

    Some tools use oasis properties to keep text formatting information, but since that's tool specific, there is not "standard way" of doing so.


  • Hi Stefan,

    Really appreciate the detail explanation about text properties of OASIS format, thank you so much. :smile:


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