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Will it be a possibility in near future ?

It will be helpful, if there is an example script that helps in getting to at-least a black box (abstract) view with pins.

Net extraction could be the next step.

PnR flow could take advantage of a light weight approach.


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    Hi Jay,

    Currently, I am lacking experience with LEF/DEF. I also don't have access to a P&R flow for testing.

    Is it possible to give an example (gds and LEF) to the mail address given on the contact page? In a first approximation it might be possible to provide a Ruby script which does that.

    Best regards,


  • JayJay
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    Task for this weekend. I will provide you some examples.

  • Hello, thanks for your work on this great project.
    Has this seen any updates?
    I have opened a LEF file using file->open and edited it in klayout (changed pins sizes and moved them) and tried to save the file but received an error message saying "Unknown stream format LEFDEF"
    Please see attached screenshot.

  • @nofal Of course that has seen some updates ... LEF/DEF reading is an integral part of KLayout now. But writing will not be supported. LEF/DEF has a different scope than GDS.


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