Exceptions to the results of the "xor" calculation

edited January 23 in Verification

The result of the xorcalculation for RBA::Edges is a NilClass type, which means that the result of the xorcalculation cannot be called further because the NilClassdoes not contain the methods that would otherwise be included in RBA::edges.

  def extract_devices(layer_geometry)
    sd = layer_geometry[0]#device
    s = sd[0]
    d = sd[1]
    g  = layer_geometry[1]#device
    s_region = RBA::Region.new(s)
    d_region = RBA::Region.new(d)
    g_region = RBA::Region.new(g[0])
    seed = g_region
    s_edges = RBA::Edges.new
      (s.each_edge).each { 
        s_edges = s_edges + n
    d_edges = RBA::Edges.new
      (d.each_edge).each { 
        d_edges = d_edges + n
    seed_edges = RBA::Edges.new
      (seed[0].each_edge).each { 
        seed_edges = seed_edges + x


  • You're trying to call "merged" on the result of "puts".

    It has to be (note the additional brackets):



  • Thanks!!
    Ah, a mistake so stupid that he bothered me for half a day :D

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