Problem extracting mos with fingers using custom Extractor extract_devices

edited February 2023 in Verification

I want to extract a layout composed of Mos whose NE is much greater than 1. The number of extracted SD and G regions is very confusing, which makes it impossible to match SD and the corresponding G. Their numbers are as follows

I can't determine which SD and which G belong to the same device, so the recognition of devices and calculation of parameters cannot continue. How should I solve this problem?


  • i have a idea, according to G traversal, the edge obtained by interacting is sd
    lets try!

  • A sketch would be helpful :)

    Usually, it's a good idea to focus on one G, then collect S/D close to it. But that applies to traditional planar MOS geometry.

    In the general case, the strategy is to have isolated polygons as recognition features (G is a good candidate for MOS). Then pick one of that polygons and collect the touching ones. This gives you one device. I think this is what by your last comment.


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