HAlign & VAlign class

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Hello Matthias,

I found H / VAlign class described in 0.28 version, Not sure if this is workable to make object alignment judgement,
or this is a kind of text display alignment to the spot coordinate ? There is the function in UI already, just wonder if can do this by code.

box1 = RBA::DBox.new(100,100,200,200)
box2 = RBA::DBox.new(600,-100,500,-200)


H = RBA::HAlign.new() 

# if the box1 and box2 have different HAlign value , then ... do something with any one box if need        



  • Hi Vincent,

    no, that is not related. The HAlign and VAlign classes are used to represent text alignment in ruler definitions for example.

    In order to align shapes, you have to code the shape positions accordingly when you create them.


  • Hello Matthias,

    Thanks for quick reply :)

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