[Bug?] 'bookmark_view' does not exist anymore in ruby in klayout 28.6

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I have tested version 28.6 comming from 27.13; I get "undefind method 'bookmark_view' for RBA::LayoutViewBase: (Class NoMethodeError)" which was not the case in 27.13 and before.
Additional question: Is there any chance to have a command to delete a bookmark in the next versions?
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    Could you paste some code? This method was not deleted.

    This works for me:


    And yes, changes for getting a new function in the API are not zero.

    But you know, the problem basically is this:

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    Hallo Matthias,
    thank you for your fast answer. I know klayout is a one-man project, which is unbelievable when you look at the size and quality of the project.
    Your example was in python, I use the ruby binding.
    The commands


    work fine in 27.13, but bring "undefind method 'bookmark_view' for RBA::LayoutViewBase: (Class NoMethodeError)" in 28.7 under Windows. (I use only the windows version.)
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  • That's weird. I just tried on Windows 10, Version 0.28.7, 64bit. The above code works for me ...

    Are you using 64bit?

    I entered the code in the console of the macro IDE. What puzzles me is that you see "LayoutViewBase" which is actually a special class not visible in the normal application. It is true that this class does not implement "bookmark_view", but "LayoutView" - which is the actual UI-based view - does. This separation has been introduced with the provisioning of headless layout views.

    In my case - from the console - Application::instance.main_window.current_view gives me a "LayoutView" object and "bookmark_view" works.

    What is going on?


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    Hallo Matthias,
    thank you for your fast answer.
    I found on my Windows 10; Version 0.28.7, 64bit:
    In a fresh installed Klayout without any other user macros the macro

    module MyMacro
      include RBA

    runs fine.

    However if I use a custom plugin via a autostart macro
    (I reduced my real plugin as much as possible to demonstrate the problem.)

    module MpluginEC
    include RBA
    class PluginECFactory < PluginFactory
      def initialize
        register(100000, "plugin_extern", "External\nControl")
      def create_plugin(manager, root, view)
        return PluginEC.new
    class PluginEC < Plugin
      def mouse_moved_event(p, buttons, prio)
        if prio
          # Set the cursor to cross if our plugin is active.
        # Returning false indicates that we don't want to consume the event.

    I get the Error when I then try to run the first macro.
    The macros were under C:\Users\~-user-~\KLayout\macros
    (No problems in 0.27.13. and before)
    Best regards

  • @Frank Many thanks for that analysis and the test case. I was able to reproduce the problem.

    In 0.28, LayoutViewBase was introduced which does not offer the bookmark view function, but the derived class LayoutView does.

    For some reason, the plugin registration prevents this object from being promoted to LayoutView - probably as a consequence of early C++/Ruby object binding. I have created a ticket for this: https://github.com/KLayout/klayout/issues/1360.

    Unfortunately I have not found a workaround for the problem quickly. The object binding is pretty persistent, so it's hard to revert it without destroying the view.


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