pcell param dialogue with 1) double column 2)tickbox 3) grey area for readonly values

Dear Matthias,

thank you for your wonderful and amazing work!

  1. Currently we are working on a pcell with a lot of parameters ( ~50). So we wish to see whether we can put them into double-column or even multiple-column GUI style.
  2. tickboxes
  3. grey area for readonly values

can we do these?

please refer to this picture for details~ thanks for your time!


  • No sorry, you can't do that directly right now. Styling is not supported beyond the vertical style and simple grouping.

    It is possible to create a button (define a pseudo-parameter with type TypeCallback) and inside the callback_impl create a modal(!) dialog of your own design (use KLayout's Qt binding) to modify the parameters.

    This not exactly the same thing. The dialog needs to be modal and parameters are only changed after you accepted and closed the dialog. Also, the user has to push the button to enter the parameter view.


  • thanks Matthias! Let me try!

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