How to change Database Unit to 1e-6 (1pm) or smaller ?

Hi Matthias

Is any way to change Database Unit to 1e-6 (1pm) or smaller ?
I downloaded and installed klayout_master-1_amd64.deb (compiled on 8 aug 2023) but still can not change the database unit to 1e-6 when saving the gds.

How can I acchieve this?

Thank you in advance
Best regards


  • "Save as", select "0.000001" in the DBU

    hit Ok, open again and here it is:

    But - again - 1pm DBU is insane. There is no physical reason to get that small (the atomic size is about 0.1nm) and as the coordinate space in GDS in 32bit integers you basically limit your usable coordinate range to something like 2x2 mm overall.


  • Thank you Matthias,

    Yes you are right, 1pm is way too small and the database would become unncessarely huge.

    I will stick with what I have now :-)


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