Inquire about minimum and recommended specifications

What are the minimum specifications and recommended specifications when running on linux?
We plan to allocate resources through the lsf system and execute it, but we need the CPU (number of cores) and memory (capacity) specifications required to run the program.


  • I'm going to be working on editing GDS with a script.

  • Hi MooGyuBae

    I think this is highly dependes on the complexity of your work and the size of your layout project.

    Previously I do most of my layout related stuff on a old gen intel i3 2C4T CPU, 4G ram, Win32 platform. which occasionally runs into a memory allocation issue due to the insufficient of ram.

    This only happend when it tried to load the whole chip data (200MB ~ 1GB size) or tried to process the whole chip by script.

    I would not recomened source a computer that is around this spec range if you are trying to do stuff that related to large file or intense scripting.

  • Hi @MooGyuBae

    The CPU requirements basically depend on what you are doing and the settings.

    If you are viewing GDS files in viewer mode and you are using one drawing thread, the approximate memory footprint is somewhat like 50% to 100% of the GDS file size (after decompression) and one Core.

    The memory footprint with other formats is hard to predict. Some features (e.g. drawing) can be configured to use multiple threads, correspondingly the CPU count increases.


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