Short testing (connect issue)

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I have 2 databases, each holding a metal/pad with labels.
I would like to match the labels in the two databases i.e. do the pads have the same label.

I get the 2 layouts by:

cell1= layout("@1").select("top")
cell2= layout("@2").select("top")

Adding the connectivity

pad_A = cell1.input(604,0)
pad_B = cell2.input(604,0)

This generates an error message:

'connect': The layout has multiple top cells in Layout::top_cell in Executable::execute

Any idea to fix

End goal is to mark metal/pads with different labels


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    Hi Casper,

    I assume that @1 or @2 have multiple top cells as the message says.

    The problem is actually some kind of bug and should not happen as @1 or @2 already specify a certain cell. I have created a ticket for that:

    However, even without this bug, you will still not be able to do that, as connectivity cannot be built across different layouts.


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