Any example code for adding Markers to a layout and an associated Rdb?

I just updated some code to add Markers to specific locations in a layout, but don't see how to add the Markers to a Rdb for the user to load...


  • Never mind, I downloaded the tool source & found examples in the testdata/ruby folders

    below is a summary of the code changes to the script I am working on:

      _rdb =
      _cat1 = _rdb.create_category("Short_Locations")
      _cell1 = _rdb.create_cell(
                              _DText =
                              _DText.string= _netA + "," + _e.shape.text_string
                              _Marker =
                              _rdb.create_item(_cell1.rdb_id, _cat1.rdb_id, RBA::CplxTrans::new(_layout.dbu), _e.shape)
      _rdb_index = _lv.create_rdb("database_name")
      _rdb = _lv.rdb(_rdb_index)
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    I'm interested.
    how can I use it in klayout?
    Thanks a lot for the help.

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