2.5D script storage

have you thought about some way to save a 2.5 script or a python script right next to the layout on which it has to be executed?
I'd like to save the 2.5d file right next to the design and the lyp, not in the mactro directory.
Alternatively, some easy way of saving the 2.5 somewhere else, and importing it form an alternate location (drag and drop?) might be nice.


  • Hi @woelt,

    It's not common to store a script file next to a layout as scripts are meant to be universal. Scripts are configuration and layout is data. The idea is to keep these things separate and there is no provision for dynamic script locations apart from the technology concept.

    However, you can add any specific location to the macro path, hence including any folder - also the one holding your layouts. Right-click on the macro list and choose "Add Location".


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