Center point hightlighted when object being hovered

Hi sir,
klayout is a great software, but I have a question when using it. How to display the center point of an object in selection mode? For example, I draw a box first, and I want to draw the next box starting from the midpoint of one side of the box. Functions similarly to center point highlighting when an object is hovered.


  • Hi @shureyang1994,

    Actually that feature has been requested, but it is not there right now. It's a matter of implementation bandwidth.

    I understand the idea, but honestly in the scenarios I work with, this feature is rarely needed. The reason is that GDS is a format the sees all the polygon interiors as "filled", so when you connect two polygons (e.g. metals), it is good enough to let them touch.

    Do you have some specific application in mind?



  • Hello,

    The attached script adds a cross ruler to each object selected (shapes and instances). The cross covers the whole Bbox of the object, hence marking the mid points of the sides of boxes as well...

    Edit > Selection > Add Extended Cross Ruler In Bbox Center Of Selected Shapes



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