add polygon to a cell at instance position


how can I add a polygon/box to a cell at instance position?

If I make the cell to the Top the cell is shown at 0,0.

But here is not the correct region of my background image so I can't simply edit the cell.




  • Hi Steffen,

    you can "descend" into the cell. So you click on a shape, and press "Ctrl+D". This feature is sometimes called "edit in place". It means, you change the editor scope to edit inside the cell, but still display the top cell.

    In the layout view, the current cell is shown highlighted over the other cells that are not inside the scope and the cell you're in is highlighted in the cell tree.

    "Ctrl+A" will bring you up again.

    Is that what you are looking for?


  • Tnx Matthias,
    That's exactly what I need.


  • After "descend" and editing the cell, I do "ascend"
    Following message appears:


  • Hmm .. there is something wrong here, but I can't figure out what.

    It's not a plain bug as I can't reproduce it in a simple scenario. I have not seen that message myself yet.

    Have you loaded multiple layouts into one view?

    Are you able to reproduce the problem with a single layout into which you descend, edit and ascend again?

    Could you describe your setup? Apparently you have loaded an image, but that does not appear to trigger the problem on my side.


  • Yes, I have 2 layouts into one view.
    Is that a problem?
    This error happens quite often.
    But the program will not crash in this case.
    I can save and continue.
    So it's not a big problem.

  • Here the setup.
    CLK2.oas is a helper layout with a cell NET_CLK2.
    All other cells are in the main layout, which is being edited
    Descend, edit and ascend I do for example in the cell Register0.
    This is where the problem comes in.

  • Hi @Dunkelwind,

    thanks for the explanation. That does not look like a strange scenario and KLayout should support that. So the main layout is "@1" and the second layout is "@2", right?

    Still I am not able to reproduce the problem with a simple case.

    Could you share the message you're seeing?



  • At the moment, the problem occurs again.

    My steps:

    • delete some shapes which are to be replaced by a cell
    • place cell
    • make cell variant
    • descending to cell
    • delete /move some shapes
    • ascending
    • message appears

    Even when I am in TOP, ascending displaying this error.

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