Support for DRC Checking of LEF Rules


I have some students who are asking me for summer projects to work on. One idea I had was to create an automated tool which could convert LEF rules into corresponding DRC script file for KLayout. Does anyone know if something like this already exists, or is perhaps already planned? I just wanted to check first to make sure a student wouldn't be duplicating work.



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    Hi Austin,

    thanks for using the opportunity of this forum to ask this question.

    I personally do not know of an existing solution for this task, but I am not a regular user of digital flows. I guess that this is a nice idea and will help improving the quality of physical implementation flows. From the project perspective I think this is a nice and well defined project. With some built-in challenges, but feasible.

    I hope someone with a deeper insight into the digital implementation domain will comment here as well.

    Best regards,


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