read (open) in specific layers from a large .oam file with Python script

Hi Sir,

I have a very large .oam file with 20+ layers. I can open it in view mode in KLayout. Out of memory occurs if I open it in Editing mode. How can I just open a couple of specific layers using Python script and then save it to a new smaller file so that I can edit it layer by layer? BTW, the file is larger because of many (millions of) dummy filler features. Is there a simple way to remove these filler features?



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    Hi @zhaoyj,

    ".oam" is OASIS.mask, right?

    A solution to split the file is:

    # extracts layer 1/0, 2/0 etc.
    strm2oas -im 1/0 -is in.oas l1_0.oas
    strm2oas -im 2/0 -is in.oas l2_0.oas

    To join the files back into one, use

    strm2oas l1_0.oas+l2_0.oas+... --blend_mode=0 combined.oas

    CAUTION: "--blend_mode=0" only works properly with flat data.

    For hierarchical data, a scripted approach is better suited, like the one described here:

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  • Thank you very much Matthias!
    They seem Linux commands. Unfortunately, I am using windows 10 and 11 systems. I'll go with "save as" for only visible layers for now before I learn more on the scripts.

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    That is not specifically Linux .. "strm2oas" is a binary shipped with KLayout. There are more of these "buddy tools".

    This binary is also available on Windows, but you need some kind of shell to wrap that.


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