Can Klayout read Gerber files in .zip format? (Python script)

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Could Klayout read Gerber files in .zip format and convert to file .PNG image (Python script)? Many thanks


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    Hi @hieund,

    Basically, yes. But KLayout is a tool made for GDS2 files and not for Gerber. The way to go, is to import into KLayout (using GDS2 layers) and then create a PNG from that.

    So that takes some scripting. Here is a sketch:

    1. Unpack the .zip archive
    2. Create a PCB project - this is a XML file listing the artwork files and which layer (GDS notation) they will be mapped on. Store that in a file - e.g "project.pcb"
    3. Provide display styles for these layers in Form of a .lyp file: this can be generated interactively in KLayout and saved as .lyp
    4. Import the Gerber project file into a layout view in KLayout together with the .lyp, and using a specific configuration to disable grid lines, setting background color and such
    5. Export the view's image as PNG

    A minimum example of a PCB project is this:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
     <layout-layers>  <!-- a list of GDS layers to map to (first one is index 0, second index 1 etc.) -->
        <index>0</index>   <!-- lists the layers the file will be mapped on, 0 = first layer (see above) -->


  • Thanks a lot @Matthias

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