Can i Extract and calculate some properties from file unit_drawing.dwg by Klayout

I have one file unit_drawing.dwg and I want to Extract some properties from file .dwg:

Total Thickness (finished thickness / substrate thickness / total substrate thickness)​
Cu thickness (outer layer Cu thickness / inner layer Cu thickness / metal thickness / copper thickness)
Cu plating in hole (PTH Cu thickness / via wall Cu thickness)
Solder resist material (SR / Solder mask)
Solder mask thickness (SR thickness / SM thickness / Solder resist thickness / SRT)
Surface finish (Metal finish / finish / surface treatment)
Finished Bottom Width (Trace width / Trace / Width)
Finished Bottom Space (Trace space / Trace / Space)
Recessed Depth (RD / Recess depth)
Min Bump pitch (Bump pitch)
Finished Bump Bottom Width (Bump width / Bump pad size / Bump pad diameter)
Bump pad Opening Size (C4 Pad Opening Size / C4 SRO / Bump SRO)
Top via hole Size before plating (via diameter / top via diameter / drill diameter / BVH diameter)
Land Size (Via pad diameter / Via pad size / Via land diameter)
Via Cu dimple (Dimple depth / Via dimple)
Finished Bottom ball pad (BGA pad diameter / BGA pad size / Ball pad diameter)
SR CZ etching amount (CZ etching rate / CZ etch)
L1 metal space (L1 trace space / M1 trace space / L1 space / M1 space)

Could Klayout library help me extract these attributes ?

Example file is:


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