How to set layer color by python script?

Hi, probably it's a very easy question, but it stucked me so much time. I want to know how to set/change layer color in a given layer. My stiuation is as follows.


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    I guess you got that from ChatGPT, not by reading the docs.

    You don't change the layer color on the Layout object. The object managing the layer colors is LayoutView. This is also the only way to display a layout.

    The API is described here: (look for "Working with layer properties").


  • @Matthias Thank you ! But I have a new question. Can I set color in layout setup script ? I have known how to change color in a existing layout.

  • What do you mean by "layout setup script"?

    The usual way is not to set layers one by one but to prepare a layer properties file and load it into the view with "load_layer_properties".

    Maybe you can be a little more specific on what exactly you are trying to do?

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