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Hi Matthias,

Is there any way to browse the hierarchy design easily?

For ex: If the "Select top level objects only" in Editor Options is
checked, we could only select the instance, not the shapes below.

When we hope to view into the selected cell,
the steps are needed:
1. Edit => Properties (To know the cell name)
2. Click "Show Cell In Tree" in Object Properties window
3. Click the "Show As New Top" in the left frame.
4. Then the main window show the cell and fit it.

Another similar problem, leaving current cell view and back to the parent cell.

Could these steps be merged and done with one step and
use this function via hotkey ? Thanks~

Best Regards,
chi-hsian hung


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    there is actually a nice function which pretty much does what you need.

    Select the instance and choose "Descend" from the Display menu or hit Ctrl+D. You can return to the previous level by choosing "Ascend" or Ctrl+A.

    KLayout will descend into the cell that was selected and this cell can be edited.

    As a nice side effect, KLayout still shows the surrounding shapes ("context") of the parent cell (but you can't edit them). You can choose that way the surrounding shapes are shown in the "Background" tab of the Setup menu.

    This function also works when "Select top level objects only" is off. You can select shapes from cells below in the hierachy and descend to a lower hierarchy level along the instantiation path of the shape step by step with Ctrl+D and one step up with "Ctrl+A".

    Best regards,


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