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Hallo everyone.
How do I scale one object along one axis only?

I have an instance which is containing several differently-shaped poligons and i would like it to get "taller" or "shorter" along the y-axis, but the only option I see, is to scale it on both axis. Modifying the different polygons in Partial mode would take me forever.

Thank you!


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    there is no such function yet, because is somewhat contradicts with the concepts of GDS (constant width of paths, isotropic scaling only for instances).

    However, I have been requested that function several times now so I will try to provide a reasonable implementation in the next major release. Till then you can use the Ruby script which at least provides a solution for shapes (you can flatten instances to make shapes from child cells).

    I have provided that script in the "Useful Scripts" section here:

    Hope that helps.



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    Thanks, I will have a look in this script ! Such an asymetrical scaling could be of a great help.
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