Extra Boolean operation request

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I applied Klayout to edit GDSII files for days. I was meet two questions are:
1. Is there any script to combine the Boolean operation? Like
LayerC=LayerA AND LayerB
LayerC=Sizing LayerC +0.005um
2. How I can use INTERACT instruction like Calibre? Like
LayerC=LayerA INTERACT LayerB ##to pickup layerA polygons which touches with LayerB
Thank you!


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    first of all, KLayout is not Calibre. So there is no INTERACT (yet).

    You can however combine boolean and sizing operations into scripts using the tiny layer processing framework. You can find that framework in the "Useful Ruby Modules" section: http://www.klayout.de/useful_scripts.html#layer_proc.rbm.


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    Hi Matthias:
    Thank you for your macro. It's very good for me on the Boolean operation. I can use this Boolean script to generate part of INTERACT function.
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