Printing design in scale

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Is it possible to print my design in scale ?

For example, if I have made structure with outside dimensions 6x6 cm-s. Now I would like to print it on paper as large as it is in my design.



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    printing to scale is not the intention of the print function. You could save your layout as an image and choose the right width and height according to your printer resolution. For example, if your printer offers a resolution of 300 DPI, you could create a screenshot of your 2.4x2.4 inch layout with an image size of 2.4*300 = 720 pixels.

    There is a script that allows to create a screenshot with a requested resolution:

    But note that the layout will not be in scale precisely unless you choose the proper display window. Are you trying to create a photo mask with your printer?


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    Hello Matthias,

    Thank you for your response.

    No, at the moment I am not making photomask with my printer. I just need to print my design out approximately in scale. This I have now managed to do.

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    superweasel, I know this thread is old at this point, but could you let us know how you managed to print your design to scale for the benefit of those finding this thread through search?

    Matthias, you asked superweasel if he was trying to print out a photomask. He was not, but I am. Is there a good method to doing this that you are familiar with? Is the screenshot script the best option?


    - Steven
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    Hi Steven,

    you mean you have some device that is capable and precise enough to produce a mask by printing? If so, you need to know what kind of formats your device understands. The normal printout is not for production and usually devices or mask writers understand some of the vector formats that KLayout can write to.


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