Viewing the Layer List and Layer Toolbox as Tabs

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Normally when I open Klayout and set Display to Full Hierarchy, I see the Layer List (Palette) and Layer Toolbox as tabs in a single frame. Today I moved something and the two appear as separate items, each in its own frame. In that mode they eat us a lot more screen space.

How do I reset them to the "normal" mode?


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    the cell list and layer list and other tool windows are dockable items. That means you can drag them by their title line and dock them somewhere else to the main window or even put them outside the window so they float freely as separate tool windows.

    There are docking sites at the top, left, bottom and right side of the main window. If you pick one of the tool boxes and move them in the vicinity of the left border of the main window for example, you'll notice that the application makes room for the tool window by moving away the central part of the main window. You can drop the tool box then to dock it there. You can also drop a toolbox onto another one so you'll get a single toolbox with two tabs.


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