Problems with OSX 10.5.7

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If you open a layout with klayout 0.18 that was compiled on OSX 10.5.7 and qt4.5.1, you get an error message"*** ERROR: Not a valid real number: 1.0". Any idea what the problem is. It worked perfectly in the past.

Regards, Felix


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    That particular problem can occur on system with a german locale. It will be fixed in the next release 0.18.1.

    A quick workaround is to set the locale to "C", i.e. on the shell command line:

    export LANG=C

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    Please use version 0.18.1 which should contain fixes for all known issues On MacOS 10.5.X.

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    Matthias, the latest release works perfectly again on OSX 10.5.7 (only a quick test so far). Thanks, Felix
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