movies/animations and color gradients in klayout?

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Hi Mathias -

I think some time ago I saw examples of "projects" in your gallery page illustrating movie/animation capabilities of klayout, as well as layouts with continuous color gradients - are they gone forever? Can you bring them back?




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    Hi Max,

    there never was "movie animation" or "color gradient" support. So there is nothing gone :-)

    It is possible to animate the layout by employing Ruby scripting (i.e. Color gradients may be emulated by splitting the layout into many layers are assigning different colors to them (i.e.

    Maybe you are referring to these techniques?


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    Hi Matthias -

    yes, these two examples (scripts) is exactly what I was looking for - thanks a lot!

    I modified slightly the script for the color gradients, to apply the "jet" colormap, as it provides a better visual, in my opinion (

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