Does anyone have some good examples that I could load into KLayout?

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I would just like to see a reasonably complex example and use the tool to view, edit, etc. to get a feel for the performance.

Kind regards, Marc


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    Hi Marc,

    complex VLSI examples are hard to get because they usually constitute some intellectual property. Gerber files are much easier to find in the free domain. Look for demo boards or reference layouts. Depending on the nature of the Gerber data, imported Gerber data may already provide a certain level of complexity. That does not match the complexity of true VLSI data, but represents some "real" data (in contrast to synthetic one).

    But allow me a stupid question: if you don't have big enough examples, why are you concerned about performance? :-)


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    We're designing and building a new multi-tenancy, design-to-release-manufacturing cloud infrastructure for the semiconductor industry. We call it the Silicon Cloud International. The Silicon Cloud will aggregate a WorkFlow-as-a-Service (WFaaS) and Digital-Rights-Management-as-a-Service (DRMaaS) for semiconductor foundries, IC designers, IP providers, and EDA ISVs. Access to the Silicon Cloud will be through a cloud access appliance, either a Chromebox or Chromebook. All data is maintained in the Silicon Cloud. We have a customer that wants to see our Chromebox 2D graphics performance with a live layout tool. We are going to demo with Synopsys Custom Designer, but I would also like to show an open source example with KLayout.

    Regards, Marc
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