Compare differences between two cells

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Is there an easy way to compare the differences between two cells? Say, by subtracting one from the other?

Can't figure out how to do this with the GUI and was trying to avoid scripting, but if that's the only way please let me know - and any tips for how to do it.



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    Hi David,

    comparing two cells is the job of the XOR tool.

    Load both layouts into the same panel. Make the cells you want to compare the new top cells ("Show as new top" in the cell tree, switch between the layouts with the drop-down box above the cell list).

    The use the XOR tool: "Tools/Verification/XOR Tool". The default settings should fit. Press Ok and after some time (depending on the size of the cells) a marker browser will appear displaying the differences.

    Please dont't use that feature on big layouts or consider using the tiling option in that case.



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    Thanks! This works great.

  • Hello @Matthias, I was wondering if you could tell me how to do this using the python scripting option?

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