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Hi Matthias,
when klayout starts it looks for the.layviewrc in the root directory and if it doesn't find this file it always generates a new one in this dir.
I would like to use not this one but another in a different path.

How can I do that? Is it possible to point a different path?

Best regards,
Salvatore D.


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    Hi Salvatore,

    klayout [<options>] [<file>] ..
    -c <config file> Use this configuration file
    -d <debug level> Set debug level
    -e Editable mode (allow editing of files)
    -ne Readonly mode (editing of files is disabled)
    -gr <file name> Record GUI test file
    -gp <file name> Replay GUI test file
    -gb <line number> Replay GUI test file up to (including) line
    -gx <millisec> Replay rate for GUI test file
    -gi Incremental logs for GUI test file
    -i Disable undo buffering (less memory requirements)
    -ni Enable undo buffering (default, overrides previous -i option)
    -l <layer file> Use layer definition file
    -m <database file> Load RDB (report database) file (into previous layout view)
    -p <plugin> Load the plugin (can be used multiple times)
    -r <script> Execute ruby main script on startup (after having loaded files etc.)
    -rm <script> Execute ruby module on startup (can be used multiple times)
    -rd <name>=<value> Specify ruby variable
    -rx Ignore global rbainit file (test mode)
    -s Load files into same view
    -t Don't update the configuration file on exit
    -u <file name> Restore session from given file
    -v Print program version and exit
    -x Synchroneous redraw mode
    -z Non-GUI mode

    I know two ways (on Linux):

    1) switch -c <config file>
    2) copy the default .layviewrc file to $HOME directory from installation directory.
    The tool looks for the .layviewrc file first in $HOME and after in the installation directory

    Myself, I am using the 2nd option.

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    I would like to mention that the "installation directory" lookup mechanism does not work properly in some circumstances (in particular on Linux). The "-c" option is very likely the most robust way to specify a certain file. If you don't want to have this file updated on exit of KLayout, you can add the "-t" option.

    Best regards,


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