Layout A and Layout B for the function DIFF ans XOR

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In my layout, I have 2 cells : cella and cellb
I want run a DIFF or XOR between those 2 cells.
When I run [Tools][Diff tool], I cannot select the cells in the input section.
For layout A and layout B, the only choice I have is the current cell.
How to get a choice for the DIFF and XOR tools ?

Thanks, Rgds,


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    Hi Laurent,

    since you cannot make two cells current, you have to apply a trick to acchieve what you want. You can basically load a layout twice into the same panel: load it once, then use "File/Pull in other layout" to add the same layout a second time to the panel.

    Then you can select cella in the first instance and cellb in the second one. This way, you can run XOR or diff on the same layout, but on different cells.


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    Thanks, I succeeded to run the diff, but I did not really understood what I did.
    It is not very intuitive, next time I will have to look again to this forum.
    For the doc, I suggest to add that the 2 layouts should be open in the same panel.

    Thank you, Best regards,
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