Automatically Recognise and loading of layer property file and also setup file

I have a request/suggestion on improving the user friendliness of klayout (for windows)

It would be nice that after loading a layout file that last selected path stays in the memory.
Currently when I want to load a layer property file I have to go through the browser all over again.

It would be extremely nice feature when klayout can detect and load a layer properties automatically on selection/opening of a layout file. I solved this for Linux but since I have more control over the shell function, but for windows it is not that easy.

Priority 1 : load layout specific layer properties file is present with .klayout file extension

Priority 2 : when no layout specific layer property is present , a generic .klayout file becomes loaded (when present)

It would also be very nice when you can save the setup file. And upon opening a layout this setup is also loaded. Same story goes for loading priorioty

priority 1) layout specific setup file

priority 2) generic setup file


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    Would all this be overcomplicated? On Windows you can already use drag-and-drop to load layout(s), load a layer properties file onto a layout, load a layout and layer properties file together, or even to load session files... I have have various layer properties files sitting alongside layouts in various folders - no problem to just drag-and-drop a layout plus appropriate .lyp file.

    I agree that it might be useful sometimes if KLayout remembered the last file loading path, at least when you use the open dialogue (rather than drag-and-drop).
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    Hi all,

    at least on Linux the file open dialogs should change to the path of the last selected file. For example, if I choose "open" and navigate to a certain location and open the file, the dialog will start in the previous directory. There are actually several instances of dialogs - for layer properties file, layout file and so on, so if you navigate to a certain directory in the "open layer properties" file dialog, that does not change the location where the next layout file will be loaded. Is that what you are suggesting? I have not tested on Windows yet - maybe there is a difference. In that case that would be a bug ..

    I would also like to point out that you can automatically load a (currently: one) layout property file upon loading a layout (Setup dialog: Application/Layer List in 0.20). I agree that the possibility to load exactly one layer properties file is somewhat restricting. My plans are to introduce some "technology" concept in the future where by some way a layout is associated with a certain technology and the layer properties file is part of the technology description. A simple extension that would allow to mimic the requested layer properties file loading priority would be to allow variables in the layer properties file specified for automatic loading in the setup dialog (i.e. "${PATH}.klayout" would mean: try to load a layer properties file derived from the path of the layout file).

    Loading the setup automatically when a layout is loaded probably is breaking the multi-layout capabilities, because the settings are global entities. I wonder what the specific setting are that you would like to change ...

    Best regards,


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