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Since that feature is rather new, I would like to explain the possibilities of drag and drop of files on KLayout.

Drag and drop is supported both on Windows, MacOS and X11 platforms with window managers which support that feature. Basically, files can be loaded into KLayout simply by dragging the respective file from the Folder Browser or Desktop into the KLayout window.

How KLayout exactly reacts on the drop event depends on the files extension:

  • "*.rb" files are regarded RBA scripts and are executed in the RBA environment. This is a convenient way to execute ruby scripts.
  • "*.lyp" files are regarded layer properties files and are loaded into the layer list of the current view (similar to "Load Layer Properties").
  • "*.lys" files are regarded KLayout session files and are loaded into KLayout (similar to "Restore Session").
  • "*.rbm" files are regarded ruby add-on modules. KLayout tries to install them in the installation directory, but will ask before doing so.
  • All other files are regarded layout files and are opened. KLayout will ask, whether to open them in a new panel or inside an existing panel.


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    Drag and drop is very handy. Simply drag and drop a gds2 file, perhaps in .gz format, and a .lyp file, together at the same time - the layout opens straight away with chosen layer properties. Neat :-)
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