Layer properties saving and loading

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Hi Matthias,
First thanks again for your amazing work !
I noticed that when i am saving a gds from Klayout, i am losing all the layer properties when i load it (color, name, stipple, ...). Is that a limitation of the gds format ? Is there any workaround ?

Thanks a lot



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    You can select File>Save Layer Properties. Save an .lyp file.

    Next time, you can load it by selecting File>Load Layer Properties.

    You can also load a default layer properties file automatically every time by selecting File>Setup>Application>Layer Properties. Check Use default layer properties file checkbox. Select the default layer properties file by clicking on ... button.
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    When specifying a default .lyp file, is there a way to "wildcard" the source layer so that the settings will be applied to all layers?


    edit: found this post which solves my problem :smile:

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