Importing layer properties

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Is there an automated way of importing layer properties? For example, if have a list of the following
is it possible to assign layer names to gds data types:

GPOLY = 4;2
MET1 = 8;0
MET2 = 10;0

Its a large list and it would be nice to import and then I can assign colors,patterns, etc.


Scott E.


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    Hi Scott,

    There is no import function for that particular format yet.

    It is surely possible to create import functions for ever kind of format in Ruby.

    On the other hand, if you are skillfull with text processing functions (i.e. awk, sed, some Editors, ...), you can convert the list into a layer properties file skeleton.

    The format of the layer properties file is XML like that:


    That does not specify colors, stipples and so on.

    If you load that file, the layers are there but you'll have to assign line widths, colors and stipples by hand.

    Best regards,


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