Strange behavior.

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Now I see one strange thing.
If I have loaded one big hierarсhical GDS file (which intesively use libraries), then close it, and after this I try load another (second) file - this "second" file won't load correctly - some cells will be missed.
But if I have closed the KLayout and then launched it again and then open second file - all OK, but if I will close this file and then try load "first" file - it will be loaded wrong.
Both files isn't too large (approx. 5 Mbytes) and their depth of hierarсhy is limited to 7 or 8 level.
What is it may be?


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    Hi Sia,

    could you give some more details about what it missing?

    Is it just some cells or are those cells which are located inside a library? I assume the problem is related to the fact that you use libraries. If the missing cells are some which are connected to the same libraries as the cells of the first layout, that may be a issue with the code refreshing the library links.

    Which version of KLayout are you using? And on which OS?

    Is it possible to prepare a small testcase which reproduces the problem and send it to the mail address given on the Contact page?



  • SiaSia
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    It looks as if this cells were "shallow deleted" - most of them i can see as separate topcells.
    This effect was found on all versions, what i try, 0.24.1 and 0.24.2, OS - 32-bit windows XP SP2.
    I already sent additional info by e-mail.
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