Two identical PCells

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Is it possible to have two PCells that 'track' each other? Consider two Basic.TEXT PCells. Is it possible to have them both showing "SOME_TEXT" and then to click on one and change its value to "OTHER_TEXT" and have the other one change to "OTHER_TEXT" also?

I know this is possible via scripting, if you have some way of getting a handle on both PCells, but wonder if there is a clever solution just using the native GUI.

From what I understand about how PCells are generated, I think the answer may be no.. But worth asking as I am often surprised!




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    Oh... haha never mind. I can just do it as a 1x2 array.

    I wasn't thinking about it as an array because these two PCells can show up anywhere on the layout, not necessarily in the same xy relative locations, but indeed it solves the problem.


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    Hi David,

    yes .. that's one solution.

    Another one is to wrap a PCell in an ordinary cell and place this cell multiple times. Then this cell will change in all places in the same way.

    Thanks for all your contributions and best regards,


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