Converting Oasis to GDS through commandline or scripting

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I have a need to convert a oasis file to a gds file through either a command line app or a scripting call.Is it possible to somehow do this through Klayout in a commmandline mode


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    Download TRT, install it, and look in TRT > File actions > Batch convert file types.

    You will probably want to pull out just the code you need to make your own custom .rb file, and also read up on how to run from command line

    Please post your completed script here when done, to help others with the same question.



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    klayout -rd input=$1 -rd output=$2 -r ./inout.rb -zz

    opt = RBA::SaveLayoutOptions::new
    opt.oasis_substitution_char = ""
    ly = RBA::Layout::new$input)
    ly.write($output, opt)
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