extract coordinates of all text object to file

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I'd like to have a table of all of the text objects in my artwork with the text name (port name) and absolute x,y coordinates. The information is manually available in the object properties dialog. I'd like to know if anyone has written i script (or template I could start from?) for doing that or something similar?



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    There's a starting point here, scroll down to the 6th post.

    Feel free to contribute the end result to E4K! :-)

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    Thanks davidnhutch!

    Not really sure if this will format correctly, but I am not Markdown fluent.

    Here is what I ended up with, which works for me:

    module MyMacro
      include RBA
      ly = RBA::Application::instance.main_window.current_view.active_cellview.layout
      layer = 120
      datatype = 0
      topcell = "RET_SOI_B"
      input = ly.layer_indices.find { |li| lp = ly.get_info(li); lp.layer == layer && lp.datatype = datatype }
      input || raise("Input layer not found")
      si = ly.cell(ly.cell_by_name(topcell)).begin_shapes_rec(input)
      texts = 0
      # Otherwise, display its string and xy location
      while !si.at_end? 
        if si.shape.is_text? # If it's not a text then skip it
           bbox = si.shape.bbox.transformed(si.trans)
           string = si.shape.text_string
           texts += 1
           puts "#{texts}, #{topcell}, #{layer}\\#{datatype}, #{string}, #{'%.3f'%(bbox.center.x*ly.dbu)},#{'%.3f'%(bbox.center.y*ly.dbu)}"
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    Thanks jmhutchi, it's good. I added it to the latest E4K on sourceforge, with you noted as the author (though I made some minor changes).

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