Selection stats?

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Hi Matthias,

In Virtuoso there is status indication telling about selections - how many items are selected, how many nets, instances or objects...

Something similar might be useful in KLayout?

Maybe the properties form could also indicate e.g. selection # of ##?

One old piece of s/w even reports the edge length and area of selected objects, but obviously that may be more involved and could affect performance...

In the meantime, is there a simple way to count the selected items in the Ruby console?



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    Hi Brendan,

    I have some simple preliminary solution here: shape_stat.rbm. This ruby module adds a new menu entry above the "Properties" entry in the "Edit" menu ("Shape Statistics"). This function will compute some values (including area and edge length :-) ) over the selection and shows them in a message box. Just for a starting point.

    I was thinking about providing a more detailed statistics for the whole layout (per cell, per layer ...) - the selection statistics would align well with that.

    Best regards,


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    Hi Matthias,

    That works relly well, especially because of the way KLayout's selections can span hierarchy etc. I will pass it on to my colleagues.

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