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I have an error listing from an in-house methodology checking deck. It lists errors and their coordinates in the gds. Is there a way to type or cut/paste those coordinates into a text field and have the viewport go directly there?


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    For a built-in function, see Display menu > Goto position. But, that is one-at-a-time

    For a scripted solution, use this as a starting point: E4K > Misc menu > Goto position. You could dump the xy coordinates into the code itself, or have your code read a file. (You can find examples online for how to read a txt/csv file using Ruby or Python.)

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    Hi David,

    thanks for this hint and happy new year, by the way :-)

    There is also the option to write a marker database file in either Calibre RVE DB's format or KLayout RDB format (details can be found here: http://klayout.de/rdb_format.html). These files you can load into the marker browser which is a very convenient way to browser errors.

    Best regards,


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    Thanks for the information. We do use Calibre for some purposes, Synopsys ICV for others. At the moment I'm fishing through coordinates from ICV. At the moment I'm down to a small number of examples, so the simple Display->Goto is working for me.

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    Hi Dale,

    Calibre RVE DB's are simple text files and maybe there is some way of translating the coordinates to this format. For example with a few lines of script.

    What kind of output do you get from ICV? Will this be some standardized format or are you picking the coordinates from some log file for example?



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