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I'm trying to use Ruby script to do some tasks, but I realized that DRC script has the functions that I need and seems to be more easy to coding.
Are there some incredibly useful tool that make Ruby script better than DRC ?


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    KLayout's DRC system is built upon Ruby. You can use regular Ruby functions in the DRC tab in the Macro Editor. Think of DRC as like a framework or like a library that you can use, with lots of "magic commands" to simplify coding. DRC is mostly designed for design rule checking rather than just general coding though, so it's not always the best tool for everything. I have used it for non-design-rule tasks, but in general I prefer pure Ruby (or Python) for such tasks -- in which you have access to the full API, so there is no limitation (ie. to my knowledge there is nothing you can do with DRC's "shortcuts" that you can't do in pure Ruby, and if you do it in pure Ruby then it provides some simplicity in approach that is not always available if you mix and match DRC "shortcuts" and pure Ruby). By "pure Ruby" I of course mean RBA, not just Ruby the programming language.

    I hope this helps..


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