Drawing Enhancements

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A nice drawing feature would be when you click to start drawing, if the object you click on is in the same layer, the line would auto center.

You wouldn't always want this but it would be nice when you are continuing a line.

Another feature that would be nice is if you start drawing with a new layer, and your first click is on a different layer, you could automatically "bond" to the other layer.

What I mean by this is if I start drawing some metal2 on top of metal1, I could have a via automatically generated.

I am not sure these can be implemented with the ruby extension currently as I don't think it can intercept mouse clicks yet.



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    Hi Oliver,

    you are right, mouse events can't be handled with ruby scripting yet, but it's a good suggestion.

    So far I have focused on drawing of primitives rather than "physical structures". For that, KLayout is lacking the infrastructure yet. Basically that means a concept for describing technology information in a consistent way and - probably more important - a concept for providing libraries.

    The first request is different in that respect because it involves primitives only. I think, it's feasible to provide a "snap to object" options similar to what the ruler does.

    Best regards,


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