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Hi Matthias,

I have been using this fantastic software for a couple of years now. Well done to everyone involved.

Since the last Ubuntu upgrade, I have been unable to install KLayout without trouble (mainly because of the libruby1.9.1 dependency). Apparently, later versions are not supported. Anyway, I ended up successfully building the package from source but have been unable to save my desired configurations. For instance, when the application starts I change the background colour to a dark one, then close and re-open the application and all the settings return to their default values.

I thought this might have something to do with my building process. So, I went to a great trouble to install libruby1.9.1 and re-installed from deb package (don't know how to uninstall the built package) but the problem still persist.

Any idea?

Many thanks



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    Hi Taha,

    thanks for your feedback :-)

    Building from source is not quite unusual on Linux. I am using Ubuntu myself, but I have not upgraded to 16 yet. I actively support 12 and 14. For other version and distributions there is the build script.

    If the application runs there is not much left that can go wrong. I assume the configuration problem has a different reason.

    Technically, KLayout stores the configuration within a file called "klayoutrc" inside ~/.klayout. When you exit the application, this file will get updated. Since you cannot restore the configuration, I assume that something is wrong with that. For example:

    • Missing read or write permissions on ~/.klayout and/or ~/.klayout/klayoutrc
    • No disk space left
    • -t option on klayout call (with this option, KLayout will not update config file)

    For debugging, you can try to use an explicit config file path on the command line with the -c option:

    klayout -c ~/your_config_file.cfg

    One of these things should make it work.


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