Save as ... Bug (!?)

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I need to save a gds selecting only few layers to stream-out.
I tried the standard form. There is the possibility to :

- select all layers
- select visible layers only
- select from a list

The first one works.
The second one doesn't work. The saved gds contains all the layers
The third one doesn't work. There isn't a list to fill.



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    Hi Salvatore,

    I admit the description is somewhat misleading.

    "select visible layers only" will select all layers for saving that are switched to visible in the layer panel. In the current version 0.20.2 that feature seems to be working properly.

    "layers shown in list" will save all layers for which an entry in the layer list is present. It is possible to have layout files with more layers than are listed in the layer list (i.e. when you load a layer properties file with less layers than are present in the layout). In that case, only those layers are saved for which an entry in the layer list exists.

    Please note, that some layers may not be listed because you have selected "Hide empty layers" in the layer panel's context menu. The save function will save those hidden layers as well.

    If you need a more precise control over layer sets and potential layer mapping, I'd recommend using the layer mapping / layer selection feature in the reader (menu: File / Reader Options).

    Best regards,


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