Running XOR on two GDS files

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Win XP 32-bit, SP3
KLayout 0.20.2

I'm having difficulty understanding how to run the XOR Tool. I have two GDS files, test.gds and test2.gds. The files are exactly the same except for only done ifference is that I've deleted one piece of Metal 1 from test2.gds.

How do I open/import the two files so that I can perform the XOR?

I've openned the files in each their own panel. In pop down selections for Layout A and Layout B in the XOR Tool, the only option available is cell open in the currently active panel. There are no options to select any other cells.

In the active panel, in the cell shown there is a LOT of cells ... it doesn't even give the option to select any of those.

What am missing?



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    Hi Jim,

    in order to run an XOR, you need to load both layouts into the same panel. The XOR will be done between the two top cells you have selected. By default "Layout A" will be the first, "Layout B" the second file you have loaded.

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    Indeed, that work great, I just couldn't figure out what it was looking for.

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