Arrow font color in "Cells" pane

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I like to work with black background. But when I set black background, the font color of cells changes from white to black, BUT the little ">" character to open a hierarchy level doesn't have contrast. Is there a way to change the color of that character/symbol?



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    FYI: I am using 0.24.8.
    My coworker has 0.23.9 --- and in that version, the triangle character flips color when changing between white & black background.

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    the node icon seems to be kind of hardcoded within Qt. It is style-dependent, so when you chose an explicit style (i.e. add "-style windows" to the command line), the representation changes. Usually the default style is the best one and adapts automatically to the system's settings - except for the contrast of the tree icon.

    I am aware of this small issue, but I have not found a simple solution yet. Re-styling a widget is quite tedious in Qt and other solutions like keeping the white color for the cell panel look ugly. BTW: on Linux (GTK style), the contrast is fine.


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    Hi Matthias:

    Thanks. Adding a "-style windows" fixes the problem for me on Windows 10. The node icon changes to a white "+".

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