Fully deleting objects ..?

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Hi, when you have overlapping objects in KLayout (following one too many CTRL+V for instance), it is quite difficult to delete them for good.
I was told by a more advanced user to do a "SELECT ALL" and "Q" for Properties, then you see the total number of objects...then to delete it is just a case of offsetting the hidden object in order to delete it!
This works but is a bit convoluted; I would have thought that a "Delete" tick-box in the Property of a given object would limit the pain, but if there are less convoluted tricks then please respond.

You might think that in a 2D layout tool having exactly overlapping objects does not matter. It does when you use some macros counting the number alignment ports for instance and the result is double to what you see!


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    In the browse shape or browse instance menu (tools) you have access to everything you need i believe. you can indeed in this menu , do a selection of one or many shapes/instances and then delete them all

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    Hi Joel,

    I guess I understand your idea. I'll have a look whether that is feasible or not. Basically editing and browsing are mutually exclusive since browsing depends on the consistency of the data model. But maybe it's possible in the context of the object properties.

    Kind regards,


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