save layer view to GDS/OAS file

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I would like to know whether it is possible to save a layer view with transformations to GDS/OAS file. I am also fine with converting the view toa physical layer, i.e. flaten/anchor or whatever it is called the layer view so that it behaves like a normal layer.


Regards, Christian


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    Hi Christian,

    if you use editor mode, you have all features available - in your case that is Edit/Layout/Rotate, Mirror etc.


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    Hi Matthias,

    my question has not been very clear. I am wondering if views created by 'Insert Layer Entry' and e.g. '1/0@1 (r0 *1 50000,0)' as source string can be converted to physical layers. I assume that views are not supported in the gds or oas file format since I observed that they are lost when saved.

    Regards, Christian

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    I see ... but the views are just views - you can save them to .lyp but OASIS/GDS won't be impressed by how you look at it. OASIS and GDS are plain physical formats with no capability of storing display settings.

    You need to apply the transformations on the layout to manipulate it.

    If you want to use .lyp's associated with layouts, you can consider using sessions or technologies to achieve this.


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