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Hi, every time I open the software, I seem to lose the key bindings I applied last time. I have been setting my key bindings through the setup dialog. Any idea what I am doing wrong, or is this a bug?
Thanks in advance for the help!


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    It works fine for us - without issues.
    If you click on Apply your key-bindings get saved into <home>.klayout/klayoutrc .
    Do you have this file and are the changes available? (search for key-bindings)
    Do you start KL from a global installation with a read-only .klayout directory ?
    We use e.g. a local installation by user (editable) and a global fall-back (user start with klayout -c <global>/klayoutrc.

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    Hi all,

    @AndyL: thanks for replying on this :-)

    On Windows, the configuration is kept in %HOME%\KLayout\klayoutrc. If the "KLayout" folder is not writable, the disk is full or the file is not writeable, the changes are lost.

    If just the key bindings get lost and other configuration options (like background color) persist, then maybe it's worth looking at this in more detail. Maybe only certain key bindings are lost?


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