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Hello all,

Is it possible to extract my entire layout (or part of it) as an image?

Thank you very much,


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    Pasting Matthias's code with a few modifications below:

    (Note: this modified version is also found in E4K inside E4K > Examples menu > Qt > Screenshot)

    ## Qt and screenshot.lym
    ## By Matthias, http://www.klayout.de/rba_examples.html
    ## Example of how to do a Qt dialog and how to take a screenshot.
    module MyMacro
      include RBA
      # This class implements a dialog with a screenshot display area and a
      # screenshot button
      class ScreenshotDialog < QDialog
        include RBA
        def initialize(parent = nil)
          setWindowTitle("Screenshot Saver")
          resize(400, 120)
          layout = QVBoxLayout.new(self)
          @image = QLabel.new("Press the button to fetch a screenshot", self)
          button = QPushButton.new('Screenshot', self)
          button.setFont(QFont.new('Times', 18, QFont::Bold))
          button.clicked do
            view = Application.instance.main_window.current_view
            if view
              @image.setPixmap(QPixmap::fromImage(view.get_image(400, 400)))
              @image.setText("No layout opened to take screenshot from")
      # Instantiate the dialog and make it visible initially.
      # Passing the $main_window will make it stay on top of the main window.
      $dialog && $dialog.destroy
      $dialog = ScreenshotDialog.new(Application::instance.main_window)

    Is that something like what you wanted? Of course you can modify it, e.g. to save to a file instead of display it, if you prefer. You said 'entire layout' -- one way is to call LayoutView#zoom_fit before taking the screenshot, it will zoom to the entire layout.

    Try to modify it for your needs. If you need help on a more specific implementation, please let us know.


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    Hello David,

    Thanks for the quick answer!
    Your code allows me to take a screenshot of the current view, and layoutView helps me zoom out to see everything - but this is not quite what I was looking for.

    The layout itself is quite big and complex, and what I want is to get all the entire block AND all the details within it. To see the details well I need to zoom in until I can see lines 5um apart, and to see the entire block I need to see 1cm apart.

    A good picture for what I wish for would be probably huge in size.

    Thanks for your help,
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    Hi Shoval,

    @David: thanks for mentioning this solution!

    A lean solution capable of producing big images is the screenshot script: http://www.klayout.de/useful_scripts.html#screenshot.lym.

    If you're on a 64bit system, you can produce images of up to 500M pixels (width x height). There is a limitation in Qt's image writer implementation that prevents creating bigger images. 500M pixels will correspond to about 22k x 22k pixels for a square image.

    Still with this limit you are able to resolve less than 500nm on a 10mm block. You'll just need enough memory (>= 8G) and a 64bit system.


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